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Blog Posts

How to Build a Unique & Recognizable Lending Brand

Branding is something that's widely neglected by lending institutions, yet it's a vital part of an effective marketing strategy. Use these strategies to boost recognition among your target audience, gain a powerful competitive advantage, increase customer loyalty, and grow your market share.

Blog Posts

5 Ways Loan Officers Can Build a Strong Referral Network

It can be hard to get started filling your pipeline with referrals. To get your foot in the door and set yourself up for success, make these 5 strategies a part of your weekly routine.

eBooks & White Papers

Winning Agent Business

To walk in the shoes of an agent, we interviewed dozens across the country. Then, we compiled the most valuable tips and advice into this ebook to help you build mutually beneficial partnerships based on agent feedback.

eBooks & White Papers

14 Habits of High Performing Loan Officers

With firsthand tips, tricks, and direct quotes from some of the nation’s highest performers, this guide will help you and your lending team create your own daily tactics for massive success.

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