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Clear to Close

The Clear to Close podcast from Maxwell is your ticket to being a better mortgage professional everyday. Enjoy!

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Customer Stories

FGMC increased efficiencies for average submission to decision time by 87% with Maxwell

FGMC is taking on more loan volume without sacrificing top-notch borrower experience through its strategic partnership with Maxwell. By collaborating with Maxwell, FGMC realized an 87% increase in efficiencies for average submission to decision time on VA IRRRLs from Q3 2020 to Q1 2021. The underwriting resources Maxwell provided helped to lower average submission to decision time on VA IRRRLs to less than a day.

Customer Stories

Modern Home Lending increased closed loans by 79% with Maxwell Point of Sale

Modern Home Lending is growing quickly—from 2019 to 2020, it saw a 79% increase in its closed loans. Still, the team remains highly focused on supporting its customers, specifically in meeting their diverse needs through an accessible lending process. To achieve that goal, Modern Home Lending leverages Maxwell solutions to give flexibility and options to its borrowers and growing team.

Blog Posts

Announcing $52.5 Million in Additional Financing—and What’s in Store for Maxwell

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the exciting news that we’ve raised an additional $52.5 million in funding. Led by FinVC with participation from Wells Fargo Strategic Capital and existing investors Trinity Capital, TTV Capital, Prudence, and Rotor Capital, this capital will help us continue to hone and expand our suite of solutions designed to empower local lenders throughout the mortgage origination process.


Ep 022: Reinventing the Secondary Market for Local Lenders (w/ Sadie Gurley, GM Maxwell)

Now more than ever, capital markets represent a vital area for local lenders to pursue better accuracy, improved economics, and more competitive rates. In this special episode, we sit down with Sadie Gurley, VP & GM of Maxwell Diligence and the newly launched Maxwell Capital solution, to discuss what local lenders need to compete in today's market, including streamlined processes, decreased trading time, and a better secondary market experience for lending teams and borrowers.

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