Maxwell Co-founders John Paasonen and Rutul Davé Recognized as 2024 Inman Best of Finance Winners

We’re excited to announce that John Paasonen, Maxwell Co-founder and CEO, and Rutul Davé, Maxwell Co-founder and CTO, have been named to Inman’s 2024 Best of Finance list. Inman’s Best of Finance awards celebrate the achievements and successes of the real estate community’s best and brightest in the mortgage and finance space. This award honors those pushing the envelope and reshaping the home-buying space. 

Both John and Rutul have been busy over the past year building Maxwell’s suite of solutions to arm lenders with impactful tools to reduce costs, gain market share, and maintain profitability. In the current market, which has featured a historic downturn, combatting market challenges hasn’t been easy. Amid these conditions, John and Rutul have leveraged innovative strategies to improve lenders’ abilities to compete while giving them the disruptive financial advantage they need to weather market headwinds.

For instance, in 2023, John led Maxwell to grow by launching solutions that improve lender margins, including Maxwell Business Intelligence, a platform for mortgage leaders that seamlessly integrates with their existing infrastructure, identifies trends in team performance, and streamlines financial reporting. He also pursued two major acquisitions—including LenderSelect, a division of Blue Ridge Bank, and Revvin, a digital mortgage platform focused on customizable workflows—that successfully resulted in major benefits to Maxwell and the lenders it serves.

“Every Max-er brings 110% to drive results for our clients. And it shows. Being honored by Inman on this list is just another expression of the team behind me as we build Maxwell into an industry-changing solution,” said John. “I’m thrilled with the groundbreaking products we’re releasing this year and the tremendous growth we’re experiencing. Together, we’re making this one of the best years ever for every customer we touch.”

Leveraging innovative technology for lenders’ benefit

Meanwhile, Rutul has emerged as a forward-looking expert in ways technology, data, and AI can be applied to the mortgage industry for increased efficiency and a top borrower experience. He takes a hands-on approach to building features and solutions that leverage new innovations, such as generative AI, in thoughtful ways, working to empower rather than replace lending teams and giving lenders new abilities to optimize their processes and better serve their borrowers. 

Most recently, Rutul has worked to leverage data insights and AI to drive benefits for lenders. For instance, Rutul recently led his team to create Maxwell’s AskMax, an AI-driven feature that offers fast, digestible insights based on real-time data. By leveraging AI, AskMax delivers instant answers in a familiar search interface.

This use of AI reflects Rutul’s unique perspective on and philosophy around AI in mortgage lending. Because Rutul believes AI should act as a co-pilot rather than replacement of lending professionals, he dedicates his time to building tools that empower better productivity, freeing lenders up to work on high-value tasks. AskMax aligns with this approach by providing easy-to-interpret, valuable insights that allow lending teams to spend time and effort on crafting business strategy, saving costs, and reaching more home buyers. 

“I am honored to be a part of this group of innovators and operators recognized by Inman,” commented Rutul. “The opportunities and challenges in the mortgage and financial services sectors of the real estate industry continue to grow. So do the technology and innovation levers needed to drive the improvement and changes. I am grateful to be at the forefront of this innovation cycle and continue to explore ways to use the latest in data science and AI to empower lending teams that serve America’s communities.”

Want to learn more about the technology John, Rutul and the Maxwell team have created? Click here to schedule a call with our team.

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