We help lenders serve their communities

Local lenders play a vital role in enabling more Americans to become homeowners. That’s why we channel mortgage and technology expertise to help small and midsize lending teams thrive.

Solutions designed for local lenders

We built Maxwell to give local lending teams a permanent, disruptive financial advantage.

Today, our suite of technology-powered solutions addresses the entire mortgage loan process, from intake of application to the secondary market. Through our Mortgage Optimization Platform, we help non-depository mortgage banks, credit unions, brokers, and local banks connect their communities with the life-changing benefits of homeownership.

Maxwell was founded in 2015 by homebuyers who believed a better mortgage process was possible for lenders and borrowers. After spending a year with over 1,000 mortgage professionals, the founding team set out to build solutions that would help lenders gain efficiency, streamline their processes, and focus on high-value work to grow their businesses.

Now, we employ world-class software experts and mortgage experts to innovate solutions that help local lenders compete and win against the industry’s largest players.

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Our values guide us

At Maxwell, our values continuously influence our culture, our work ethic, and our hiring.

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We execute with speed, intensity, and attention to the details that matter. We don’t let perfection get in the way of excellence.

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We are all owners of the company, so we act like it. We balance every stakeholder’s needs in decision-making, we communicate intentionally, and we prioritize our customers’ success.

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We experiment constantly. We walk a mile in our users’ shoes to understand problems and solve them. We ask questions before assuming answers and always think in the future.

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We consider the impact of our decisions and behaviors on others. We express gratefulness as a mode of work towards our teammates and customers.

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We are honest and transparent, from our pricing to our product roadmap. Our opinions are strong but loosely held, because we know ego can get in the way of the best outcome. We accept and learn from failure.

Maxwell leadership

John Paasonen

Co-Founder / CEO

Rutul Dave

Co-Founder / CTO

Bob Groody

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Simons

Chief Risk Officer

Paul Wetzel

SVP of Product

Jim Smith

SVP of Diligence

Amy Jo Plummer

VP of Customer Success

McKenzie Perez

VP of People Operations

Make an impact with us

Together, we’re building impactful solutions in a values-focused environment that supports innovation. As we continue to grow rapidly, we’re seeking experienced, capable people who want to revolutionize the home-buying process alongside us. If you’re interested in a thoughtfully created culture and the opportunity to tackle worthwhile challenges, we’d love to hear from you.

Buy a house, build a house

At Maxwell, we believe that a home is far more than a financial transaction—it is a place of security, comfort, and restoration. We also recognize that the role of a company is not solely to create profit for its shareholders but also to meaningfully impact our world.

Backed by strength

Maxwell is privileged to be funded by leading venture capital firms and fintech funds from Silicon Valley to New York City. We’re proud to be built in Denver, Colorado.