Secondary market access to power your margins

Built for your bottom line, Maxwell Capital minimizes your overhead with a variable cost model and helps expand your product offering.

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Partner with Maxwell Capital

Maxwell Capital offers competitive secondary market pricing and full-service fulfillment support through both wholesale and mini correspondent offerings. By increasing capacity and reducing fixed costs, lenders maximize their return on every loan.

Maxwell Capital Wholesale

Maxwell handles the entire mortgage loan, including processing, underwriting, closing, and funding.

Maxwell Capital Correspondent

Maxwell is your partner for quality service, competitive pricing, and quick purchase turn times on your closed loans.

Reliable & fast
turn times

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75+ years’

Achieve better pricing and turn times

Gain pricing and scale previously reserved for large lenders and efficiency through every step.

Priced to compete

Using technology and real-time data analytics, we offer faster, more competitive pricing.

Quality loans

We review loan quality in record time, creating a consistent workflow from trade execution through settlement.

Faster turn times

Add efficiency at every step, from submission to rapid loan file review.

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Attract borrowers with more products

Access a wide array of product offerings, including jumbo, conventional, and non-QM.

Fully customized for borrowers

Best serve your borrowers with products that fit their unique needs.

Expanded offerings

We are always looking to expand products to help you grow your business.

Increased borrower retention

Keep borrowers coming back with a seamless experience that best fits their needs.

Rely on leading experts and technology

Leverage our dedicated, easy-to-reach team, and tech-enabled platform.

Deep expertise

Benefit from Maxwell Capital’s tenured leadership, with over 75 years of mortgage experience.

Accessible support

Reach our readily available support team for help with your secondary needs.

Leading technology

Add efficiency and accuracy to the secondary market process with our technology-powered platform.

Contact us

Dedicated service and access to enable your best performance.

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Phone: 1-888-504-1083
Email: [email protected]

Post Closing

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 888-256-6067 ext. 3
Email: [email protected]


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Brian Simons
Chief Risk Officer

“Leveraging the resources and experience of a trusted partner alleviates the risk associated with product launches, helping lenders reap the economic benefits without added fixed costs and operational burden.”

—Brian Simons, Maxwell Chief Risk Officer

Learn more about Maxwell Capital

By using technology and real-time data analytics, we are able to offer faster, more competitive pricing compared to competitors.
Products available with the wholesale and mini-correspondent programs include conventional, jumbo, non-QM, non-agency, FHA, VA, USDA, and SOFR ARMs. Products available with the correspondent program include conventional, jumbo and SOFR ARMs.
Our dedicated support team is here to help you through every step of the process. For wholesale and mini-correspondent, all files are managed by the POD of processors, underwriters, and closers dedicated to your team.
We lend in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont. We provide delegated offerings in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, and Utah. We provide non-delegated offerings in all states except New York.