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3 Ways to Refresh Your Mortgage Lead Funnel

Old strategies from previous market cycles won’t work today. It’s time to reinvent how you attract, convert, and service borrowers.

eBooks & White Papers

Maxwell’s Mini-Guide to Surviving Today’s Big Housing Market Reset

Is your lending business prepared for the coming market reset? To thrive in today's conditions, lenders need a fresh game plan driven by home buyer trends, creative lead generation, and data-backed decision making. We put this guide together to help you refresh your thinking for the market ahead: Now is the time to abandon strategies that worked in past cycles and embrace innovative thinking.

Blog Posts

Introducing Maxwell Mortgage Intelligence: Actionable, Turnkey Reporting for Lenders

Now more than ever, small and midsize lenders need out-of-the-box solutions that are quick to set up, don't require specialized skills or new resources to deploy, and come at a cost that can be scaled based on the current volume of their originations. That's why we're thrilled to offer Maxwell Mortgage Intelligence: a business intelligence platform for mortgage leaders that seamlessly integrates with their existing infrastructure, identifies trends in team performance, and streamlines financial reporting. 

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How to Leverage Soft Credit Pulls to Save Costs and Earn Borrower Business

Soft credit pulls are inquiries that don't affect an individual's credit score and are often used for background checks, pre-approvals, and other non-lending purposes. These checks are a valuable tool for mortgage lenders since they improve borrower experience while lowering origination costs and improving conversion rates.

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Maxwell in Top 15% of Inc. 5000 List for Third Year Running

Between rapidly rising interest rates, economic uncertainty, and untamed inflation, the last few years have been anything but easy. These challenges make our inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list for the third consecutive year all the more rewarding: Through unpredictability, we've been able to offer lenders a financial advantage to help them weather the storm.

eBooks & White Papers

Maxwell Q2 2023 Mortgage Lending Report

This data report is significant because it gives lenders an exclusive look into the home buyers rising in today’s market: These borrowers are taking 7% rates head-on and creating their own paths to homeownership, whether that means moving to more affordable cities or exploring alternative property types. By examining these demographics, lenders can hone their practices to better serve the home buyers of today—and tomorrow.

Blog Posts

How Much Is “Free” Mortgage Technology Costing You?

During times of reduced volume, it might feel counterintuitive to invest in technology. In an attempt to bolster profitability, some lenders slash costs at every opportunity, opting for a “free” mortgage point of sale (or no point of sale at all). This decision, however, can be costly both in the short and long term.

Blog Posts

Q&A With a Tech Expert: What Lenders Should Know About AI in Mortgage

What seems to be certain in the uncharted realm of AI is that this technology is here to stay. For lenders to stay ahead of the competition and market, they need to understand AI's growing capabilities and connect with forward-thinking partners. Here's what every lender should know.

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