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Blog Posts

How to Capture Untapped Mortgage Market Opportunities in 2023

My best piece of advice for lenders looking towards 2023 is to increase focus on untapped market opportunities. That means taking a deep look at borrower needs in their target markets and figuring out feasible ways to meet those needs through diverse loan offerings.


Maxwell + Snapdocs: Integration Demo

In this demo, Snapdocs Solutions Consultant Chuck Amsterdam, Maxwell Senior Product Manager Dan Otto, and Maxwell Senior Product Marketing Manager Niket Anjaria showcase the Maxwell + Snapdocs in detail, digging into the functionality and benefits for lenders on the Maxwell platform.

eBooks & White Papers

5 Essential Functions of High-Performing Point-of-Sale Technology

Our goal in this eBook is to simplify your point-of-sale technology search. By the end of this read, you and your team will have a clearer picture of the standard to set for a high-performing point-of-sale solution. The information you gain will arm you to go beyond marketing promises to choose impact-driving technology that addresses today’s most pressing challenges.

Blog Posts

3 Tips for Lenders Looking to Enter the Non-QM Loan Space

We recently interviewed Chris Ledwidge about theLender's non-QM strategy and the lessons he's learned by building a company centered around less traditional products. The conversation gives us insight into the risks and rewards of the non-QM space and lays out some important best practices for lenders looking to capitalize on niche loan products.

Blog Posts

Interview: Amy Brandt, Former First American Docutech CEO, on Driving Profitability with Technology in 2022

2022's market gives lenders a prime opportunity to reevaluate their businesses, evaluating processes, loan margins, and technology providers to determine the best path towards profitability. To help lenders think through this process, we interviewed Amy Brandt, a veteran with two decades of experience in digital mortgage solutions and previous President and CEO of First American Docutech.

Blog Posts

The Lender’s Guide to Investing in Tech During a Market Downturn

In this market, who is thinking about their technology? Well, if you aren’t, perhaps you should. With the right technology, lenders can realize substantial improvements in efficiency to reduce cost, drive increased loan volume, and focus on profitability.

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