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New Data: Millennials and Gen Zs Ready to Escape Renting, Seek Personalized Lender Service

Millennials and Gen Zs are entering the housing market and are the largest customer base in the mortgage industry. With many in this age demographic coming in as first-time home buyers, local lenders must be cognizant of why they want to buy a home as well as what has kept them out of the market previously. We recently surveyed more than 1,000 millennials and Gen Zs regarding their feelings towards the home-buying process.

Blog Posts

How to Successfully Launch Loan Products, According to a Manager at Optimal Blue

With interest rates and home prices rising, volume in the mortgage market continues to slow. This market has local lenders looking to get creative to drum up volume and salvage basis points. Jeff Shearer, Team Manager at Optimal Blue, an industry-leading product and pricing engine, joined the Clear to Close podcast to discuss new loan products and creative strategies he sees from lenders as they look to bolster profitability in 2022.

Blog Posts

How Partnerships Will Make or Break Lender Success in Today’s Market

Your partners are a support system for your business, providing technology and services to supplement your teams in pursuit of your business goals. Proactively examining your partnerships and their potential added benefits can help expand your offerings. Leveraging the knowledge and experience of your partners can unlock new opportunities for success, both now and into the future. By deliberately adding agility and resilience into their operations through partnerships, lenders of any size can create a strong foundation to weather down-cycles and fully capitalize on the next upswing.

Blog Posts

How to Leverage eClosing to Benefit Borrowers & Your Bottom Line

While the pandemic expedited the scramble for new technology, the adoption of eClosings has lagged behind other aspects of the mortgage process such as applications and communications. Find out what eClosing means for a lender, how it can enhance your closing process, and its potential impact on your bottom line.

eBooks & White Papers

Mortgage Experts Take on 2022’s Market

To succeed today, lenders need to dust off the playbooks that got them through low-volume environments in previous years. Wondering where to start? We asked some of the foremost mortgage veterans—including industry expert Rob Chrisman, FGMC COO Suzy Lindblom, Maxwell SVP of Mortgage Operations Bob Groody, Maxwell Solutions Director Anthony Ianni, and Maxwell VP of Customer Success Bryan Traeger—the strategies, habits, and actions they’re seeing top lenders rely on for success in 2022. Here’s what we learned.


Actionable Ways to Combat Shrinking Margins in 2022

In this timely webinar, Maxwell SVP of Mortgage Solutions Bob Groody, Maxwell Operations Director Anthony Ianni, and First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation COO Suzy Lindblom discuss concrete actions lenders can take to encourage profitability despite challenges.

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