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eBooks & White Papers

Maxwell Q3 2023 Mortgage Lending Report

Q3 brought continued challenges for home buyers. Despite 11 Fed rate hikes over the past year and a half, interest rates averaged 7.2% in Q3, up 21% year-over-year and 7% quarter-over-quarter. Still, the market showed signs of stabilization in Q3, with motivated borrower groups finding creative paths to homeownership despite adversity.

eBooks & White Papers

Maxwell 2023 Single Women Home Buyer Report

We created this report based on a survey of 1,000 respondents to dig into the goals, challenges, intentions, and stories of single women home buyers. As a growing force in the marketplace, this segment will only become increasingly vital for mortgage lenders to understand and connect with in meaningful ways.

Customer Stories

Knock leverages Maxwell Fulfillment’s flexible processing services to power its innovative lending solutions

Knock’s innovative lending solutions empower borrowers to reimagine the home buying and selling process. Products such as the Knock Bridge Loan, which alleviates the stress of a tight buying and selling timeline, give borrowers a strong advantage in today’s competitive market. To help power its offerings, Knock partners with Maxwell Fulfillment. By accessing Maxwell Fulfillment’s scalable, outsourced resources, Knock is able to increase its loan processing capacity without adding fixed costs, helping it better serve home buyers with its unique products.

Blog Posts

Is Limited English Proficiency Causing Your Borrowers to Abandon the Mortgage Process?

Like borrowers in general, Hispanic American home buyers are often deterred by convoluted processes and criteria related to the mortgage process. LEP simply veils transparency further. In the absence of customized support, these borrowers face additional barriers to entry that could be alleviated by dedicated resources.

Customer Stories

Homeowners Financial Group partners with Maxwell to facilitate a top borrower experience

To facilitate personalized lending experiences, Homeowners leverages Maxwell Point of Sale. With streamlining functionality and a suite of features built for modern borrower needs, Maxwell Point of Sale helps the Homeowners team deliver an efficient mortgage process that brings the human element back to home buying.

Blog Posts

3 Ways to Refresh Your Mortgage Lead Funnel

Old strategies from previous market cycles won’t work today. It’s time to reinvent how you attract, convert, and service borrowers.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape: Insights from Maxwell’s Q2 2023 Mortgage Lending Report [Webinar]

For a deeper dive into our Q2 2023 Mortgage Lending Report, don’t miss this webinar recording, featuring Maxwell’s Amy Jo Plummer, Bryan Traeger, and Josiah Feuerbacher, along with theLender EVP of Retail Chris Ledwidge. In this on-demand recording, you’ll learn how the industry is responding to changing dynamics and actionable insights derived from Maxwell's extensive dataset.

eBooks & White Papers

Maxwell’s Mini-Guide to Surviving Today’s Big Housing Market Reset

Is your lending business prepared for the coming market reset? To thrive in today's conditions, lenders need a fresh game plan driven by home buyer trends, creative lead generation, and data-backed decision making. We put this guide together to help you refresh your thinking for the market ahead: Now is the time to abandon strategies that worked in past cycles and embrace innovative thinking.

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