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Blog Posts

How to Combat Rising Costs & Creeping Inefficiencies in Your Mortgage Process

An essential driver of lending profitability is an efficient, cost-effective process—and yet the industry as a whole continues to battle inefficiencies and high manufacturing costs. To gain a competitive advantage and bulletproof margins against market lows, lenders need to streamline processes and save basis points wherever possible.

Blog Posts

5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Point of Sale

If you're becoming disenchanted with your point of sale's ability to meet your needs in today's challenging market, you're not alone. Many lenders find that their technology providers don't deliver the cost savings, efficiency, and borrower experience they seek. If one or more of these signs resonates, you might be overdue to cut ties.

Blog Posts

3 Strategies to Grow Your Mortgage Footprint in 2023

If you’re looking to escape the stress, panic, and layoffs associated with today’s market lows, it’s time to explore ways to tap into new markets. Expanding your mortgage footprint—whether through new products and channels or by reaching new geographies—can successfully insulate your business against economic and interest rate volatility by diversifying your sources of volume and revenue.

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5 Major Benefits of Launching a Mortgage Lending Operation

Entering the mortgage lending space offers powerful value to both de novo entrants new to the space and existing banking and credit union business models through a variety of revenue-enhancing benefits. Let's explore the top five reasons to consider entering mortgage lending.

Blog Posts

Q&A: Answers to Burning Questions About the Housing Market Going into 2023

What will mortgage rates be like in 2023? Will my house decrease in value? As the market continues to shift and we enter a new year, you'll undoubtedly be asked some of these questions (and more) over dinner with family and friends. To help you shine during those conversations, we put together some key talking points.

Customer Stories

theLender partners with Maxwell to meet borrower needs with diverse loan offerings

To deliver for its customers while growing market share and building a profitable business, theLender leverages Maxwell Point of Sale and Processor Edge technology. Together, these solutions help theLender team increase efficiency, drive more sales, and serve its growing customer base a modern, customized experience.

Blog Posts

How to Prepare for the Rise of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) in 2023’s Market

It's been a while since the industry has had to contend with significant levels of NPLs. While memories of the subprime mortgage crisis remain fresh in some lenders' minds, many businesses aren't equipped for the considerations related to this type of asset. As investors gear up to buy NPLs, lenders need to prepare for an influx of these loans and the requirements related to them, specifically within the due diligence process.

Blog Posts

How to Capture Untapped Mortgage Market Opportunities in 2023

My best piece of advice for lenders looking towards 2023 is to increase focus on untapped market opportunities. That means taking a deep look at borrower needs in their target markets and figuring out feasible ways to meet those needs through diverse loan offerings.

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