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Will a Machine Replace You? The Future of the Loan Officer in the Digital Age

In the midst of innovation in the mortgage industry, where venture capitalists and entrepreneurs bet on the demise of the human, unlocking the potential of your business doesn't mean avoiding technology. Rather, embrace technology as a means to take your people to the next level.

Blog Posts

How Federal Policies Led to Segregation in the Housing Market

When it comes to discussions about segregation, officials have maintained that neighborhood divisions have occurred de facto—racial separation “just happened” over time. But strong evidence points to it being the result of the government explicitly manipulating the free market into the current racially divided reality.

eBooks & White Papers

[eBook] 2020 Mortgage Lending Resolutions

2019 was a trial by fire that tested our adaptability and ability to thrive in the face of unpredictable circumstances. And while 2020 will undoubtedly present surprises we couldn’t foresee,... Read more »

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