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How to Save Up to $1600 Per Loan by Leveraging Technology and Outsourcing [Webinar]

In this on-demand webinar, mortgage experts Alan Parris, Bryan Traeger, and Anthony Ianni analyze the economics of today’s average lender compared to 2021 and present data-backed methods to save up to $1,600 per loan through the use of technology and outsourcing. In this on-demand recording, you’ll learn how the industry is responding to changing dynamics and actionable insights derived from Maxwell's extensive dataset.

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The Definitive Guide to Outsourced Loan Fulfillment Success

Dive into this comprehensive guide to learn how outsourcing your processing and underwriting can revolutionize your ability to thrive despite changing market conditions and well-funded competitors.

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The Key to 2024 Planning? Leveraging Clear Data to Drive Confident Decision-Making

If you feel paralyzed by decision-making in today’s tough landscape, it’s time to double down on data. Not only will metrics-based insight help you move your business forward with confidence, but it will drive you towards opportunities your competitors may not see. In other words, access to data will be game-changing as the market moves towards a reset.

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The Scrappy Home Buyer Segments Still Active in Today’s Tough Housing Market

Just as the interest rate landscape is evolving, so is the profile of American home buyers. From single women and Spanish-speaking demographics to young and first-time buyers, historically underserved segments are finding ways to get on the property ladder. As a lender, now is your opportunity to connect with these audiences to create new funnels of borrower business and position yourself as a go-to resource for years to come.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape: Insights from Maxwell’s Q2 2023 Mortgage Lending Report [Webinar]

For a deeper dive into our Q2 2023 Mortgage Lending Report, don’t miss this webinar recording, featuring Maxwell’s Amy Jo Plummer, Bryan Traeger, and Josiah Feuerbacher, along with theLender EVP of Retail Chris Ledwidge. In this on-demand recording, you’ll learn how the industry is responding to changing dynamics and actionable insights derived from Maxwell's extensive dataset.

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Maxwell’s Mini-Guide to Surviving Today’s Big Housing Market Reset

Is your lending business prepared for the coming market reset? To thrive in today's conditions, lenders need a fresh game plan driven by home buyer trends, creative lead generation, and data-backed decision making. We put this guide together to help you refresh your thinking for the market ahead: Now is the time to abandon strategies that worked in past cycles and embrace innovative thinking.

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Maxwell Q2 2023 Mortgage Lending Report

This data report is significant because it gives lenders an exclusive look into the home buyers rising in today’s market: These borrowers are taking 7% rates head-on and creating their own paths to homeownership, whether that means moving to more affordable cities or exploring alternative property types. By examining these demographics, lenders can hone their practices to better serve the home buyers of today—and tomorrow.

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Q&A With a Tech Expert: What Lenders Should Know About AI in Mortgage

What seems to be certain in the uncharted realm of AI is that this technology is here to stay. For lenders to stay ahead of the competition and market, they need to understand AI's growing capabilities and connect with forward-thinking partners. Here's what every lender should know.

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What Lenders Can Learn from SVB’s Collapse About Surviving Today’s Market

Recently, the Clear to Close podcast team—including VP of Corporate Development Bryan Traeger, VP of Private Label Origination Alan Parris, and Solutions Director Anthony Ianni—discussed today's market and what lenders can learn from recent economic happenings. Specifically, they weighed in on what lenders can take away from major events such as SVB's collapse and how the industry can build better strategies to weather the second half of the year.

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