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Ep 041: How the NAR Ruling Will Impact Lenders (& the Entire Home-Buying Process)

The groundbreaking NAR settlement has real estate agents, lending professionals, and home buyers scrambling to understand its ramifications. Here to weigh in is the Clear to Close crew: In this conversation, Alan, Bryan, and Anthony channel their experience in the industry to walk through possible outcomes of the ruling.


Ep 038: Borrower Segments & Lending Strategies to Incorporate in Your 2024 Plan (ft. Melissa Langdale, President & COO of TMC)

This week on the Clear to Close podcast, we have a special guest: Melissa Langdale, TMC President and COO and a career-long mortgage veteran. In this conversation, Melissa leverages her unique perspective on the market and insight gleaned from her interactions with lenders across the industry to provide actionable tips on how to drive revenue and capture market share in 2024.


Ep 035: The Future of AI in Mortgage (ft. Maxwell Co-founder & CTO Rutul Davé)

Artificial intelligence: Is it the efficiency-driving copilot you've been waiting for or an increasingly intelligent force vying for your job? To move past polarizing headlines and unpack the truth, we spoke with someone who lives and breathes technology: Maxwell Co-founder & CTO Rutul Davé.

Blog Posts

New Story: The Innovative Nonprofit Revolutionizing Homeownership Access

The worldwide homelessness crisis affects an estimated 1.6 billion people. While numerous charities build homes for individual families, the lack of scalable systems to solve the root problem remains a constant issue. That’s where New Story seeks to step in.

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