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Ep 022: Reinventing the Secondary Market for Local Lenders (w/ Sadie Gurley, GM Maxwell)

Now more than ever, capital markets represent a vital area for local lenders to pursue better accuracy, improved economics, and more competitive rates. In this special episode, we sit down with Sadie Gurley, VP & GM of Maxwell Diligence and the newly launched Maxwell Capital solution, to discuss what local lenders need to compete in today's market, including streamlined processes, decreased trading time, and a better secondary market experience for lending teams and borrowers.


Ep 014: 2021 Mortgage Lending Resolutions

On episode 14, we sit down for a roundtable discussion, joined by Maxwell Director of Content Allison Leung. Today’s topic? 2021 mortgage lending resolutions. Right now, you might finally have... Read more »

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