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Blog Posts

3 Ways the NAR Settlement Will Impact Mortgage Lenders

The recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement, requiring $480 million to be paid and changing rules that impact home buying and selling, has sparked discussions about the future of real estate transactions. How will this landmark decision impact the mortgage industry and the way lenders connect with and serve borrowers?

eBooks & White Papers

The 2024 Lender Playbook: 4 Strategies to Drive Profitability in a Recovering Market

As we wade into the exciting, yet uncertain territory of 2024, it’s vital to bulletproof your business with resilience. To create this guide, we asked tenured Maxwell leaders their thoughts on the market—and their best tips for taking advantage of a changing market. Here’s what they said.

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Make More Out of ‘24: How to Win Market Share as Your Competition Lags

To help you think through business possibilities for the new year, we spoke to senior members of the Maxwell team. By applying their advice, insights, and predictions to the realities of your business, you’ll be able to craft a plan that helps you make more out of 2024.

Blog Posts

New Story: The Innovative Nonprofit Revolutionizing Homeownership Access

The worldwide homelessness crisis affects an estimated 1.6 billion people. While numerous charities build homes for individual families, the lack of scalable systems to solve the root problem remains a constant issue. That’s where New Story seeks to step in.

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Maxwell Q1 2023 Mortgage Lending Report

To arm lenders with data that helps overcome today’s sizable market challenges, we’re proud to unveil the Maxwell Quarterly Mortgage Lending Report. Including analytics and insights from loans transacted within the Maxwell platform, our report provides market perspective based on trends over more than $200 billion in loan volume.

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Maxwell 2023 Hispanic American Borrower Report

Despite their growing numbers, Spanish-speaking borrowers often don’t find the home-buying process easy or accessible. To help lenders better serve this demographic, we recently conducted a study of Spanish-speaking borrowers, surveying over 1,100 first-time Hispanic American home buyers across the U.S. who completed the mortgage process in the past six months.

eBooks & White Papers

Growing Your Mortgage Footprint: How to Launch New Loan Products, Channels & Geographic Expansions

If you’re looking to escape the stress, panic, and layoffs associated with today’s market lows, it’s time to explore ways to tap into new markets. Expanding your mortgage footprint—whether through new products and channels or by reaching new geographies—can successfully insulate your business against economic and interest rate volatility by diversifying your sources of volume and revenue.

eBooks & White Papers

Launching Home Loans: How to Build a Profitable & Scalable Mortgage Operation

If you’re considering taking a first step into mortgages—or introducing new loan options—your research has likely unearthed the substantial opportunities, as well as challenges, inherent to launching home loans. In this eBook, we’ll dive into the benefits mortgage operations offer and outline the logistics, costs, and requirements you’ll want to consider.

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