Ep 041: How the NAR Ruling Will Impact Lenders (& the Entire Home-Buying Process)

The groundbreaking NAR settlement has real estate agents, lending professionals, and home buyers scrambling to understand its ramifications. Here to weigh in is the Clear to Close crew: In this conversation, Alan, Bryan, and Anthony channel their experience in the industry to walk through possible outcomes of the ruling. Specifically, this episode explores how new policy changes are likely to impact lead generation, methods to earn borrower business, and more—and how lenders can get ahead of the major ways the home-buying process is about to change.

Tune in to learn:

  • How the NAR ruling will likely change the borrower experience for the better, allowing buyers to more transparently choose which components of service they want in the home-buying process
  • The ways real estate agents will need to change the value they offer
  • How loan officers can benefit from taking a more consultative approach with borrowers
  • Why lending organizations may need to focus more on branding and marketing
  • How this settlement might alter everything about home buying and selling in the long term
  • Why lenders need to take a close look at their referral networks now to get ahead of the changes

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