[eBook] The 2018 Mortgage Executive Year in Review

2018 mortgage executive year in review

As we close in on the end of the year and reflect back on 2018, there are a number of lessons to be learned. 2018 has proved to be more difficult for mortgage lenders than anyone anticipated or prepared for. The severe margin compression at the start of the year—felt most dramatically in Q1, with… Read more »

[eBook] Originator Connect 2018 Conference Recap

originator connect 2018 conference recap

Back in August, mortgage originators from around the country descended on Sin City to test their luck at the roulette table, network with fellow originators, and learn from some of the best in the business. Conference mayhem was in full swing at Originator Connect 2018. As with any great conference, Originator Connect 2018 featured a robust… Read more »

5 KPIs that Profitable Lending Teams Measure

profitable lending teams

There’s no denying that 2018 has been a tough year for mortgage lenders. Longer cycle times, lower refinance volume, and increasing costs to compete for borrowers means tighter margins. In Q1 of 2018, loan origination costs increased to $8,957 per loan. As loan costs rise, how can lenders stay profitable? Lenders across the nation have… Read more »

[eBook] Winning Agent Business: The Lender’s Guide to a Strong Network

winning agent business

With digital technology rapidly becoming a mainstay in the mortgage industry, it would seem that the mortgage process is being reinvented. And yet, the mortgage process is still rooted in tradition—or, at least, in the traditional reliance on face-to-face connections and longstanding relationships. As a mortgage lender, your reputation precedes you. How you build that… Read more »