4 Companies to Inspire Your Customer Experience Improvements

customer experience

According to PwC, 50% of borrowers will not use a mortgage lender again (or will discourage others from using that lender) if they have a negative experience. As we all know, that type of user behavior is powerful and can have a dramatic impact on your business. We looked to some world-renowned, customer-service-oriented companies to… Read more »

7 Ways to Improve Your Borrower Experience for Profitable Growth & Competitive Differentiation

improve your borrower experience

It goes without saying that happy borrowers are profitable borrowers. In a tough market, though, customer satisfaction might not always feel like top priority. The value of customer satisfaction is often hard to measure, and many a customer satisfaction initiative has failed because it was built upon a flawed understanding of customer profitability.  But lackluster… Read more »

How Mortgage Lenders Can Prepare to Survive an Economic Recession

mortgage lenders survive an economic recession

It seems every second article you read these days foreshadows our imminent economic demise. This onslaught of recession-focused think pieces seem like an overreaction, but if we learned anything from our recent past, it’s that we’d be foolish to ignore the economic red flags in front of us.  Stock markets are skittish, the yield curve… Read more »

Maxwell Announces New Partnership with Peoples Mortgage Company

maxwell announces new partnership

The Maxwell team is very pleased to announce our new partnership with Peoples Mortgage Company. The Arizona-based Peoples Mortgage selected Maxwell as their technology partner to streamline the mortgage lending process and provide a relationship-driven digital mortgage experience for the hundreds of loan officers and thousands of borrowers served by Peoples Mortgage in branch offices… Read more »

Opportunity Cost of a Low Downpayment Mortgage Loan

low downpayment loan

For Millennials, cash flow is not necessarily a problem, but saving can be a different story. The expenses for a young professional are well-documented: student loan debt, car loan, a nice apartment. Why would a millennial want to move out of their apartment which could sell for $350k on the market to a $200k house… Read more »