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Announcing $52.5 Million in Additional Financing—and What’s in Store for Maxwell

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the exciting news that we’ve raised an additional $52.5 million in funding. Led by FinVC with participation from Wells Fargo Strategic Capital and existing investors Trinity Capital, TTV Capital, Prudence, and Rotor Capital, this capital will help us continue to hone and expand our suite of solutions designed to empower local lenders throughout the mortgage origination process.

Blog Posts

Introducing Maxwell’s Operating Principles

From the start, we’ve held an unwavering commitment to company culture and values at Maxwell. Our values have helped us achieve a workforce that was hard to imagine a year ago. Now it’s time for us to introduce another important element of our culture: the Maxwell Operating Principles.

Blog Posts

Will a Machine Replace You? The Future of the Loan Officer in the Digital Age

In the midst of innovation in the mortgage industry, where venture capitalists and entrepreneurs bet on the demise of the human, unlocking the potential of your business doesn't mean avoiding technology. Rather, embrace technology as a means to take your people to the next level.

Blog Posts

The Secret to Winning in the Mortgage Business

Let’s face it: the mortgage industry suffers from a people problem. Mortgage professionals are doing tasks best suited for technology. And technology is being deployed that extricates the professionals from... Read more »

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