Maxwell’s Bryan Traeger Named 2024 HousingWire Rising Star

We’re thrilled to announce that Bryan Traeger, Maxwell’s Managing Director of Corporate Development, has been named a 2024 Rising Star by HousingWire. HousingWire’s Rising Star program celebrates the next generation of leaders in mortgage and real estate who have demonstrated rapid career growth and an ability to lead.

Bryan Traeger has been invaluable to the Maxwell team since joining in 2019, playing a particularly crucial role in the company’s success over the past year. In the midst of 2023’s volatile market, Bryan pursued two major acquisitions that successfully resulted in major benefits to Maxwell and the lenders it serves. In May, Maxwell acquired LenderSelect, a division of Blue Ridge Bank, which provides access to the capital markets for hundreds of banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage banks. LenderSelect integrated into Maxwell Capital, broadening access to the best mortgage products and pricing for Maxwell’s lenders.

Subsequently, in September, Bryan led Maxwell to acquire Revvin, a digital mortgage platform focused on customizable workflows for midmarket lenders. Merged with Maxwell’s existing mortgage solutions, Revvin technology provides a powerful competitive edge to lenders, ultimately improving their bottom lines. With these acquisitions, Maxwell added key features and functionalities to help lenders enhance their margins.

A focus on empowering lender success

Throughout each acquisition process, Bryan channeled his previous work as Maxwell VP of Customer Success to ensure lender needs remained the central focus. In the current market cycle, lenders need effective technology more than ever—but as interest rates stagnate, loan volume lags, and lending costs creep, many providers are reducing their offerings. As they scale back their benefits or raise their prices, these providers cut into lender profitability. By successfully executing on key acquisitions, Bryan has allowed Maxwell to further its commitment to technology and services that help lenders combat market challenges.

“Bryan has been an integral part of the Maxwell team as we’ve grown from single solution business to a platform that provides all the solutions and services a lender needs to run their business,” says John Paasonen, Maxwell Co-founder and CEO. “His knowledge and experience in mortgage lending strategy and M&A have significantly contributed to where we are today and where we’re headed in the future.”

Aside from his contributions to Maxwell’s growing feature set, Bryan also serves a tenured expert who remains entrenched in market happenings and who doesn’t hesitate to share his insights and knowledge to benefit others in the industry. As a host of the Clear to Close podcast who has participated in over 40 episodes of the show, Bryan digs into the topics, issues, and challenges lenders face on a daily basis. Similarly, Bryan frequently appears in industry webinars and lends his guidance to eBooks, guides, and white papers, helping to disburse the knowledge he’s gained over more than a decade in the industry to help lenders make informed business decisions.

Want to learn more about the value Bryan and the rest of the Maxwell team bring to lenders? Click here to learn more, or schedule a call with our team

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