Ep 031: Bettering Communities through the Power of Homeownership (with Matthew Marshall, Co-founder & CIO of New Story)

New Story, a nonprofit tackling homelessness through proven, sustainable, and scalable models, has built an impressive 3,380 homes, impacting 15,200+ people across 4 countries. In this Clear to Close podcast episode, we sit down with Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer Matthew Marshall to talk through how New Story got started, the outside-the-box ways it’s tackling homeownership accessibility at scale, and the important lessons we can learn from its innovative approaches.

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • Why the New Story founders decided to focus on homeownership—and the powerful benefits homeownership instills in individuals, families, and communities
  • The three subsystems Matthew and his team focus on to create change: financial systems, land development, and home production innovation
  • What’s unique about the way New Story approaches homeownership
  • The ways U.S. lenders, home builders, and communities need to shift to improve access to affordable housing
  • How New Story plans to approach its audacious goal of facilitating 1 million houses by 2030

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