Fulfill loans faster, for less.

Technology-powered outsourced fulfillment services to increase your capacity and efficiency.

Introducing the Maxwell Fulfillment Platform.

The Maxwell Fulfillment Platform is a new way to fulfill loans efficiently and effectively. One of the most powerful features and benefits of Maxwell, it was built to provide small to midsize lenders the flexibility and economic scale once only available to large lenders. With the ability to plug into the operational unit of any mortgage originator, our Fulfillment Platform allows you to adjust capacity to meet market needs. You’ll also gain access to our vetted team of experienced processing, underwriting, and closing talent located 100% onshore in the U.S. for the same price as offshore services.

One team: your team.

Fulfillment doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating, and working with a third-party partner doesn’t need to feel like a hassle. Maxwell’s full-service Fulfillment Platform embeds a team of seasoned mortgage professionals with an average of 20 years of mortgage experience. We’re operations people at heart, obsessed with understanding your process and adding value however you plug us in. You get the industry’s best of the best all based right here in the U.S., positioning your brand as the hero to the borrower from loan application to closing.

Community lenders: do more, faster, for less.

Our goal is to transform the loan fulfillment experience, customizing it to your unique workflow process and empowering your growth through technology. Whether you have us handle 70 loans a month or 1,000, our platform was built to support you.

A back-office embedded with your team.

We provide services on a fully white-labeled basis, and the processor becomes part of your operations team from the first loan through the last.

Flexible scope and flexible staffing.

The Fulfillment Platform recognizes the ebbs and flows of the seasons and industry cycles, and that each lender has its own workflow. The scope of work is defined specifically for each lender. There are no multi-year contracts and no long-term minimum requirements.

Always on-shore, always experienced.

All of the processors in the Maxwell Fulfillment network are based in the U.S. Currently, the average mortgage experience of the team is 22 years.

Wide product knowledge.

The processors, along with our technology, have the breadth to manage agency, FHA, VA, jumbo, and non-QM products.

Fully compliant, with no “gray area.”

The Maxwell Fulfillment Platform is fully licensed state-by-state to provide its services, leaving no ambiguity of adherence to state regulations. What’s more, our bank-grade security and dedication to privacy exceed market standards.

Hands-on help and support.

A dedicated account manager supports you from onboarding through the management of services that the Fulfillment Platform provides.

Market-leading pricing.

Pricing for processing and underwriting is enhanced for lenders on Maxwell, thanks to our AI/ML and automation, which dramatically improves productivity and quality. In most cases, the U.S.-based processor on Maxwell with 20+ years of experience will cost less than the relatively inexperienced offshore processor.

We’re building the most advanced, technology-driven fulfillment platform to help community lenders like you deliver loans efficiently for less.

Market-leading technology.

Maxwell is growing to become more than a point-of-sale. We’ve built our capabilities to power the thousands of small and midsize lenders in every neighborhood in America. Maxwell’s digital mortgage platform is the key connective tissue that enables our fulfillment team to provide the highest quality and fastest services to our network of Maxwell lenders. For Maxwell customers, we are able to simplify the hand off, communication, accuracy, and transparency of loans. What’s more, all of this efficiency saves you, the lender, thousands in fulfillment costs monthly.

Adding new partners

The Maxwell Fulfillment Platform was built to support both processors that work for partners in addition to the processors that Maxwell employs on our own. The technology we’re building is available for anyone on our network. We are accepting discussions with forward-thinking fulfillment partners to join the network.