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Credit Union of Colorado raised customer NPS by 25% within two months of launching Maxwell


NPS achieved

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Lift in NPS

Credit Union of Colorado strives to make the mortgage process simpler and more accessible for its members. To achieve that goal, its mortgage team leverages Maxwell solutions to help members through the loan experience, impressing them with proactive communication and thoughtful automation along the way.

How Maxwell helped Credit Union of Colorado


Modernize the mortgage experience for members to reflect Credit Union of Colorado’s forward-thinking brand


Increase mortgage loan application conversion and pull-through rates


Improve digital collaboration and communication with members


Taking advantage of tools like Maxwell’s text notification and condition management capabilities, Credit Union of Colorado streamlines the process and delivers a modern, transparent experience. Its team uses solutions like FlexLetters™ to empower real estate agents with the agility to generate pre-approval letters up to a specified purchase price.

Michael Kenneth Sawyer
Mortgage Operations Supervisor, Credit Union of Colorado

“Our focus on innovation has helped to enhance our member experience, and Maxwell has been an amazing partner on this journey. Since launch, our customer NPS has gone from 72 to over 90.”

—Michael Kenneth Sawyer,
Mortgage Operations Supervisor, Credit Union of Colorado

Favorite features

  1. FileFetch™
    1. Using Maxwell’s proprietary document upload tool, borrowers can directly import original PDFs from thousands of institutions.
  2. FlexLetters™
    1. FlexLetters allows agents to easily issue and manage pre-approval and pre-qualification letters, even on a mobile device.
  3. Text notifications
    1. Automated messages and notifications keep borrowers up-to-date and the lending process moving forward.

A better member experience

Maxwell enables the Credit Union of Colorado to transform its mortgage process, delivering the intuitive, modern experience its customers and real estate partners expect. Through technology and automation, Maxwell handles time-consuming, administrative processes, enabling loans to close over 13 days faster than the national average, with an uplifting user experience that elevates the lender’s brand. Plus, Maxwell’s team of industry experts build a relationship of trust and partnership from onboarding.

“This is how we’re going to be seen and experienced by our members and agent partners, so understandably our team was afraid they were giving up control of some of their interactions with members,” said Michael. “The reality was far different! Maxwell has taken our relationships during the loan process to a whole new level.”

Maxwell has become an integral part of how the Credit Union of Colorado mortgage team delivers service to its members. By offloading manual tasks with technology and leading with a partnership approach backed by industry knowhow, Maxwell frees up Michael and his team to pursue the highest-value work: delivering an incredible member experience and driving referrals for years to come.

Learn how Maxwell Point of Sale can enhance your member experience here.

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