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CLM Mortgage collects documents in minutes, enabling high producers to thrive

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CLM Mortgage prides itself on providing its customers high-value loan options through a wide selection of mortgage products with flexible qualification guidelines. As a part of meeting that goal, CLM dedicates itself to exceptional borrower experience throughout the lending process. 

When CLM sought out a technology-forward mortgage solution, its team knew it needed a provider that would support top service. In Maxwell, the CLM lending team found a partner that solved its biggest pain point: quickly and effortlessly collecting and managing documents for a streamlined borrower experience.

How we helped CLM Mortgage


Empower top producers to offload manual tasks and focus on high-value work


Develop a reputation for best-in-class service by adopting a modern borrower and agent experience


Immediately after launching Maxwell, the CLM team noticed measurable improvements in the agility and speed of its processes. Intuitive borrower condition management features like SmartTasks™ allowed CLM to speed up the active pipeline of borrowers. Through no-delay document collection from thousands of financial institutions, verifications, and e-signings, borrower conditions began to resolve in minutes.

Mike Klein

Mike Klein
Vice President, CLM Mortgage

“Maxwell is so fast. Our loan officers are receiving all the documents they need before they have a chance to review the loan application! It’s a whole new level of productivity.”

—Mike Klein, Vice President, CLM Mortgage

Favorite features

  1. SmartTasks™
    1. A proprietary auto-conditioning tool, SmartTasks ensures borrowers submit the correct information seamlessly. 
  2. FileFetch™
    1. Maxwell’s FileFetch allows borrowers to import documents like mortgage statements, tax returns, paystubs, bank statements from over 1,100 financial institutions.
    1. Triggered automatically, notifications keep borrowers and agent partners up-to-date and the lending process moving forward.
    1. Maxwell’s robust integrations streamline lender workflow, empowering teams to accomplish more.

The freedom to focus on high-ROI work

Historically, it took the CLM Mortgage team days to collect borrower documents, including W2s, pay stubs, bank statements, and more. By adopting Maxwell, CLM has seen a meaningful shift in its team’s focus, from chasing borrowers to delivering personalized service to each of its borrowers.

“Using Maxwell to instrument our workflows, we’ve made incredible improvements to our process and cycle times,” said Mike. “It’s frequently the case that documents will be delivered to our high-producing team within minutes of submitting the loan application. That’s a step-change in our business!”

Today, Mike and his team continue to prioritize delivering an exceptional experience for each borrower and agent who comes into contact with CLM. By implementing Maxwell into its daily processes, CLM empowers its high producers to do their best job wowing borrowers, earning referrals, and pursuing business-growing opportunities.

Learn how Maxwell Point of Sale can streamline your process and empower your lending team here.

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