Integration benefits for Encompass® users.

Maxwell is designed to empower lenders of all sizes. One of the ways we do that is by integrating and enhancing the technologies you use every day.

Making the complex simple.

Our bi-directional integration between Encompass and Maxwell enables lenders to send loan application data, synchronize borrower documents, and trigger status notifications to borrowers and real estate agents without ever leaving Maxwell. 

This integration furthers Maxwell’s commitment to a relationship-driven mortgage experience, allowing lending teams to spend more time providing valuable counsel to the borrower and strengthening their network rather than spending time on administrative tasks. 

With Maxwell, you let the LOS do what it does best, while enabling your team to spend more time in Maxwell, a platform designed for efficiency. Here’s how we do it:

  • Borrower data. All borrower application data gathered in Maxwell flows securely to your LOS.
  • Loan milestones. Changes in milestones in the LOS syncs with Maxwell to maintain consistent communication to borrowers, co-borrowers and real estate agents.
  • Documents. As with borrower data, any documents collected in Maxwell are sent directly to the borrower’s folder in Encompass.
  • Disclosures. With no additional cost or third-party implementations, Maxwell’s leading disclosures solutions enables you to keep your standard workflow to initiate disclosures. This keeps your operations teams happy, improves compliance, and gives your borrowers the seamless e-signing experience right inside the same online portal, without need for additional passwords or authentication.

Our new, best-in-class integration for disclosures within Encompass.

No more fumbling between two systems, confusing borrowers, or missing compliance pieces. Provide a compliant and delightfully seamless disclosure experience all in Maxwell’s digital mortgage platform fully in sync with Encompass — keeping your borrowers and compliance team happier.

Today, the user experience for your borrowers is suboptimal even if you use your LOS for eDisclosures. The borrower now has to use the LOS’ digital portal with a separate login that can be confusing and frustrating. Notifications and emails from multiple sources add to the complexity.

Maxwell provides a fully automated workflow to ensure an optimal user experience from application to closing that includes delivering disclosures to your borrowers while meeting the regulatory requirements essential for compliance. Learn More

Optimal Blue pricing integration.

To enhance the Encompass experience, we have integrated with pricing leader, Optimal Blue, enabling loan officers to run and save scenarios with minimal borrower information. Maxwell’s elegant integration with Optimal Blue saves and streamlines the process of reviewing, saving, and curating the best products for your borrowers, all in one intuitive interface. 

  • QuickPricer. For loan officers who need to facilitate pricing discussions with potential leads and borrowers, Maxwell QuickPricer allows for fast and easy loan product searching without the hassle. Learn More