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Tips and tools for the mortgage professional from starting loan officers to seasoned executives.

The Essential Guide to Lending Efficiency

With purchase volume heating up and millennials expected to swamp the homebuying market, now is the time to improve your team’s efficiencies. Putting in the time to work on your business rather than in it will pay dividends in increased profitability without increased overhead. Keep Reading

Winning Agent Business

As a mortgage lender, you know real estate agents still hold the keys to the referral kingdom. So how can you break through to new, more meaningful relationships with this crucial segment? Keep Reading

Top 6 Areas Where Lenders Should Invest in 2021

When looking at options for deploying your capital, you probably know it’s wise to consider where the market is expected to trend in 2021 and subsequent years. Keep Reading

2H 2020 Mortgage Lender Outlook [Industry Study]

We conducted this survey in Q3 of this year, more than six months into the pandemic, to gauge lenders’ perceptions of the current market and their outlook on 2021. For obvious reasons, 2020 is an interesting year to gather mortgage industry sentiment. Keep Reading

Mortgage Industry Voter’s Guide 2020

Let’s dig into how the November 3rd decision could play out in the U.S. housing market based on top research and what the candidates themselves have stated. Keep Reading

The Case for Outsourced Fulfillment

When the market is booming, competitive differentiation is more crucial than ever. As the high volume persists and the market remains saturated, lenders must find ways to sharpen their competitive edge and loudly articulate their differentiators to continue their success when volume slows, and normalcy returns. Learn how leading lenders are using outsourcing to set their businesses up for long term success. Keep Reading

Lend from Home

Ongoing remote work poses challenges to work culture, productivity, team cohesion, and employee wellness. Now is the time to proactively combat employee burnout and take full advantage of the benefits remote work offers. This guide will teach you how to help your team thrive in a work-from-home setting with actionable tips you can start implementing today. Keep Reading

The Millennial Playbook

To reach these potential customers, you’ll need to learn their financial needs, dispel the myths, and create a tailored plan. In this comprehensive guide (written by a millennial!), we offer researched-backed ways to reach, connect with, and earn the trust of the next big generation of homebuyers. Keep Reading

The Digital Mortgage Buyer’s Guide

If you’re ready to find the right digital mortgage solution to empower your lenders and delight your borrowers but you’re intimidated by the shopping process, then you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the digital mortgage shopping process to help you find your perfect fit and revitalize your business. Keep Reading

14 Habits of High-Performing Loan Officers

With firsthand tips, tricks, and direct quotes from some of the nation’s highest performers, this guide will help you and your lending team create your own daily tactics for massive success. Keep Reading

9 Ways Lenders Can Prepare for an Economic Recession

Regardless of specific timing, it’s clear that it’s less a matter of if we’ll see a recession soon and more a matter of when we’ll start to feel the impact. Here are 9 ways mortgage lenders can prepare to survive (or even thrive) in an economic recession. Keep Reading