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QuickPricer with Optimal Blue

Maxwell QuickPricer provides hassle-free loan product searches for pricing discussions with potential leads and borrowers. With QuickPricer, loan officers don’t need to create a borrower or wade through hundreds of fields. Instead, they can quickly offer borrowers easy-to-understand pricing scenarios, allowing for spontaneous, one-on-one interactions. QuickPricer is available for any customer leveraging the Optimal Blue pricing engine.

  • Quick and easy to use. QuickPricer provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and doesn’t require LOs to create a borrower in Maxwell in order to provide loan product pricing options. Run a scenario for anyone to give quick options on the go.
  • Engaging. QuickPricer lends itself to a conversation with a borrower.  Unlike other pricing tools hidden from the borrower, loan officers can use QuickPricer as a tool to engage their borrowers, fostering trust and borrower commitment.
  • Compare & Share. Create and send multiple pricing scenarios, educating the borrower and driving them into the loan application. Learn More
  • Mobile-first. QuickPricer offers loan officers a mobile-friendly interface for discussing pricing on-the-go.
  • Results, fast.  QuickPricer focuses on fast estimations with minimal inputs, allowing LOs to engage leads and convert more to actual borrowers.

Compare & Share

One of the most powerful benefits of Maxwell’s QuickPricer and integration with Optimal Blue is the Compare and Share feature.

QuickPricer Compare & Share allows loan officers working borrower leads to quickly create and send multiple pricing scenarios, educating the borrower and driving them into the loan application.

Unlike competitor pricing tools, which require the loan officer to manually create side-by-side comparisons for the borrower using screenshots or copied text, Compare & Share seamlessly integrates with Maxwell for both the lender and the borrower.

Easily send a summary pricing option email or use the QuickPricer report as a tool to drive discussion, engaging the borrower, providing expertise and guidance, saving the loan officer time, and creating stickier leads.

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