Fast track your loan app. Boost ROI.

Accelerate borrowers through your loan application and drive more volume with QuickApply™

Streamline the customer experience, close more loans.

Maxwell’s proprietary QuickApply feature enables your borrowers to auto-populate fields in their loan application at the click of a button — helping you deliver the best mortgage experience in town.

To begin QuickApply, borrowers simply provide the last four digits of their social security number along with their zip code. With their consent, Maxwell aggregates data from its network of partners to prepopulate loan application fields, including name, address, contact details, employment history, and more. Asset balance data is optionally available with bank credentials. And borrowers always have the choice: Without consent, they are guided through a standard loan application.

  • With just a few clicks, QuickApply enables you to convert more leads by increasing your loan application completion rate 7%+!
  • QuickApply users see up to a 98% completion rate, turning dropped leads into sold customers and driving over 967% ROI for our lenders.
  • Maxwell’s network of data partners verifies the consumer’s identity while leveraging a host of sources, including assets, to deliver accurate data and increase data reliability.

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