Payments the simple way.

We handle payments so you can focus on lending.

Introducing MPay™

Borrowers continue to redefine how they want to interact with their mortgage lenders — making security, convenience, and transparency mission critical. Whether you collect payments for the appraisal, rate locks, final inspection reports, or other fees, your borrowers expect it to be as seamless as buying a cup of coffee. Maxwell’s embedded payment platform, MPay, enables you to seamlessly manage consumer card payments within the Maxwell platform. With MPay, you can deliver a best-in-class borrower experience while ensuring compliance and reducing losses.

  • Get rid of paper forms, third-party emails, and confusing credit card transaction names. Instead, MPay collects payment and deposits funds in your account.
  • Meet standards for PCI compliance. By not taking possession of the consumer card details, you keep payment data secure and take the pain out of PCI compliance.
  • Reduce your costs and cut losses. With MPay, you don’t need to advance the money to your borrowers. They can easily pay with their credit or debit cards when you need the funds — all within Maxwell’s borrower portal.

Transparent pricing at 2.99% + $0.25 per transaction with a $300 annual fee.

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