Disclosure integration within Encompass®

Integration overview and process of the best-in-class integration for disclosures within Encompass

Our new, best-in-class integration for disclosures within Encompass®

No more fumbling between two systems, confusing borrowers, or missing compliance pieces. Give a compliant and delightfully seamless disclosure experience all in Maxwell’s digital mortgage platform fully in sync with Encompass — keeping your borrowers and compliance officers happier.

Many are familiar with the issues: today, the user experience for your borrowers is suboptimal even if you use your LOS for eDisclosures. The borrower now has to use the LOS’s digital portal with a separate login that is often confusing and a source of frustration. Notifications and emails from multiple sources adds to the confusion and complexity.

Maxwell provides a fully automated workflow to ensure an optimal user experience from application to closing that includes delivering disclosures to your borrowers while meeting the regulatory requirements essential for compliance.

How it works, step by step

1. generate disclosure package in Encompass

No change to your existing workflow. Our recommendation is to have a Disclosures Desk in place for the most streamlined experience for your clients.

2. Deliver disclosure package

Using the “Send Disclosure” action in Encompass, trigger the “dummy notification” that delivers it to Maxwell Disclosure Processing System.

3. Disclosure tracking fields

Maxwell populates LE and CD Tracking disclosures tracking fields in Encompass

4. Disclosure tasks for borrowers

Maxwell creates Disclosure Tasks for borrower(s) to review, eSign, and Wet Sign disclosures in Maxwell (single login/account for borrower(s)).

5. Package consent and authenticated fields

To maintain consistency with your existing workflow, Maxwell uploads the package consent from Encompass and updates authenticated fields.

6. Borrower review and signatures

Borrower(s) reviews, eSigns, and wet signs documents in the familiar and easy-to-use Maxwell interface.

7. Automatic export back to eFolder

After the review and signatures are completed by the borrower(s), Maxwell uploads Disclosure documents in place in the Encompass eFolder.

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