With APIs wide open

Endless opportunities with our API-first infrastructure

API-first means innovation-first

Maxwell is developed using an API-first approach. This means all features of Maxwell are intentionally created to be accessed through our open API. This structure gives lenders and their engineering teams the flexibility to use Maxwell in harmony with their specific needs and flows.

Pushing (and pulling) the limits of possibility

Our flexible API has endpoints to support event reporting and exchange information with other systems, such as your CRM, analytics platform, or modern loan origination system. Our API supports both pull and push data connections to Maxwell, letting you harness the power of Maxwell in the most impactful way for your business.

ApplyID™: the faster, better, stronger loan app solution

Maxwell’s ApplyID™ API enables lenders and user networks to verify identity and pre-populate loan application data, in addition to developing new customer intelligence capabilities. Your developers will have access to an expansive network of data providers with one single API connection that pre-populates personal information, employment history, liabilities, real estate owned, and more, with only two required inputs from a lead — their zip code and last four digits of their SSN. This new experience enables digital innovation that dramatically streamlines the lengthy loan application experience by leveraging the API’s intelligent data-collection technology.

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