Software with a human touch.

No matter how big or small your team is, our best resources and experts are dedicated to your success every step of the way, from launch to love.

Getting you launched.

Signing your contract is just the beginning of your partnership with Maxwell. Our customer success team is dedicated to ensuring your digital mortgage deployment is an overwhelming success.

We stand out from the competition because we’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Here’s how we do it:

  • Kickoff. Deep dive into your process with Maxwell’s partner launch team to set goals and objectives for a successful launch.
  • Weekly check-ins. From contract signing until full adoption, you will have weekly meetings with Maxwell’s partner launch team to establish priorities and provide status updates including compliance needs, training materials, and feature updates.
  • Marketing. Maxwell works with your internal marketing and training team to deliver custom user guides and product collateral for internal and external distribution.
  • Training. On-site (preferred, depending on team size) or webinar-based training for a soft launch group of users in Maxwell. Multiple options (onsite, webinar, one on one) for training to get your team prepped and ready to use Maxwell.
  • Integrations. Maxwell’s powerful platform and support team make sure you’re integrated into the technologies that will enhance your Maxwell experience. From LOS and verification services to pricing and credit, we’ve got you covered.
  • LAUNCH! Maxwell is launched company-wide across all branches/locations, which includes training webinars, and full support from the onboarding team. You also have the option to add additional onsite training for certain branches/locations.

We stay in touch.

We stay ahead of the communication curve so you always feel supported.

  • Frequent check ins. Understanding your business is the #1 priority for our team. We schedule regular quarterly and monthly check ins with our enterprise clients to make sure Maxwell is working side-by-side with your goals and objectives.
  • Support when you need it. A flexible, fast, and on-shore support team dedicated to solve any problems from your loan officers or borrowers when issues arise. How fast? Our average response time is less than one hour!
  • Real humans, real help. Tech support shouldn’t be without a soul. We have a team motivated to solve problems quickly and effectively…all with a dose of empathy and care.

Your feedback means everything.

Your priorities are our priorities.

  • Product roadmap. Our product is designed around the ever-evolving needs of a mortgage lender. This means that the features you use today will continue to change and evolve over time. We look to our lenders to make sure we’re prioritizing game-changing features for your business.
  • Feature enhancements + integrations. We integrate with the partners our customers use most. We continually evaluate and integrate into new partners to make sure we’re simplifying — not complicating — your tech stack.
  • Dedicated to mortgage. Maxwell has one purpose. Empower humans to make mortgage lending simpler and more accessible. We are dedicated to the mortgage industry and your needs.

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