How Mortgage Lenders Can Unlock Increased Productivity & Profit

productivity & profit

  We all know the industry is in a state of margin compression, and will most likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. One of the most important levers in increasing margin is increased productivity. At Maxwell, we’ve witnessed how technology, when used and implemented correctly, can have drastic improvements on a lending group’s… Read more »

6 Mortgage Marketing Tips for Loan Officers to Win in 2019

marketing tips for loan officers

Competition is booming for lenders, and with profitability already a struggle in today’s market, how you market your services can make all of the difference. Loan officers wear many hats, the “Marketer” hat chief among them. But while managing your workload, it’s easy to fall behind the marketing curve. We’ve pulled together some best practices… Read more »

Maxwell Unveils New Disclosures Platform to Simplify Disclosure Management & Reduce Friction for Borrowers & Lenders

maxwell disclosures platform

The rise of digital mortgage software has gradually revolutionized mortgage lending from end to end, infusing the cumbersome origination process with intuitive digital technology to smooth out the oft-encountered bumps in the road on the journey to home-ownership. However, despite technological innovation, disclosures have continued to present a challenge for borrowers, lenders, and technology vendors… Read more »

[eBook] 2019 Mortgage Lending Resolutions

mortgage lending resolutions

2018 has finally come to a close, but don’t let that sigh of relief escape from your lips just yet. It’s been a challenging year for many mortgage lenders, and while the 2019 forecasts look somewhat more promising, many of the issues that affected the mortgage industry this year will persist into the new year.… Read more »

4 Customer Engagement Metrics to Measure for Happier Borrowers

communication metrics

A solid customer experience is built upon a foundation of education, transparency, and communication. Borrowers want to feel like their loan officer is always two steps ahead in terms of prompt, transparent communication. We’ve written about how to communicate more effectively with borrowers, but we wanted to dive a bit deeper into the subject to… Read more »

[eBook] The 2018 Mortgage Executive Year in Review

2018 mortgage executive year in review

As we close in on the end of the year and reflect back on 2018, there are a number of lessons to be learned. 2018 has proved to be more difficult for mortgage lenders than anyone anticipated or prepared for. The severe margin compression at the start of the year—felt most dramatically in Q1, with… Read more »

[eBook] Originator Connect 2018 Conference Recap

originator connect 2018 conference recap

Back in August, mortgage originators from around the country descended on Sin City to test their luck at the roulette table, network with fellow originators, and learn from some of the best in the business. Conference mayhem was in full swing at Originator Connect 2018. As with any great conference, Originator Connect 2018 featured a robust… Read more »