5 KPIs that Profitable Lending Teams Measure

profitable lending teams

There’s no denying that 2018 has been a tough year for mortgage lenders. Longer cycle times, lower refinance volume, and increasing costs to compete for borrowers means tighter margins. In Q1 of 2018, loan origination costs increased to $8,957 per loan. As loan costs rise, how can lenders stay profitable? Lenders across the nation have… Read more »

[eBook] Winning Agent Business: The Lender’s Guide to a Strong Network

winning agent business

With digital technology rapidly becoming a mainstay in the mortgage industry, it would seem that the mortgage process is being reinvented. And yet, the mortgage process is still rooted in tradition—or, at least, in the traditional reliance on face-to-face connections and longstanding relationships. As a mortgage lender, your reputation precedes you. How you build that… Read more »

The Current State of Digital Mortgage Adoption [Infographic]

digital mortgage adoption

When it comes to the mortgage process, it would seem that the tides are shifting as more and more lenders turn to digital mortgage technology to empower borrowers with a superior mortgage experience. Maxwell recently teamed up with HousingWire to conduct a survey of mortgage lenders to get a feel for the current state of… Read more »

Maxwell Announces Partnership with HomeServices Lending

homeservices lending partnership

As seen last week in HousingWire and National Mortgage Professional, Maxwell proudly announced our exciting new partnership with HomeServices Lending, LLC—a subsidiary of HomeServices of America™, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate.   2018 has been a busy year here at Maxwell, characterized by growth and new opportunity. Building this partnership with HomeServices Lending represents a large step forward… Read more »

[eBook] 2018 Digital Mortgage Buyer’s Guide

  The mortgage industry is in a state of flux. As margins shrink and executives look for ways to stay competitive, staff reductions might seem like a natural next step. However, a digital mortgage solution could be the answer to improving profitability without reducing your team. Digital mortgage technology can speed up time-to-close and improve… Read more »

3 Features to Look for in Digital Mortgage Technology

Let’s put on our empathy caps for a moment and think about the mortgage process from the perspective of your borrowers. What descriptors do you think first come to mind when a potential homebuyer thinks about the mortgage process? It’s probably a safe bet that the first words they’d think of would not be “simple,”… Read more »