Maxwell partners with Equifax and The Work Number

A month ago we announced our partnership with Equifax® to provide Maxwell customers and their borrowers a faster, more seamless experience, beginning with an automated employment and income verification through The Work Number®. Equifax is one of our launch partners for our newly released “Connected Apps” platform built on our API, enabling lenders to customize the… Read more »

The Secret to Winning in the Mortgage Business

Let’s face it: the mortgage industry suffers from a people problem. Mortgage professionals are doing tasks best suited for technology. And technology is being deployed that extricates the professionals from tasks at which they would excel. At most mortgage companies, the average professional will have no less than 10 applications or browser tabs open simultaneously.… Read more »

4 ways that email disappoints

Email has been pronounced “dead” every few years by a technology pundit since it was invented in 1972. (See Why Email Will Be Obsolete by 2020) Yet, email continues to dominate in usage and popularity. My colleague Rutul Davè wrote another post (1999 called, it wants emails back), reminding us that 25–34 year olds are actually the most bullish group… Read more »

Questions are better than answers

I once attended a seminar on how to help people deal with difficult situations. It was taught by experienced therapists and attended by others who, like me, often struggle with what to say when friends or family are going through hard times. One of the key principles of good counseling surprised my logical and practical… Read more »

Productivity and Preachers

In the fall of 1973 a man lay on the ground of the Princeton Theological Seminary campus in need of help. He claimed to have been mugged and cried out for help. If you needed help you could do worse than to find yourself on a seminary campus. But one after another, students passed by… Read more »

We Closed Our Seed Round :)

Earlier today, we announced that we’ve closed $1.95M for Maxwell, with a seed round led by MATH Venture Partners with participation from Techstars Ventures, Sovereign’s Capital, Zelkova Ventures, Cantos Ventures and Timberline, along with an elite group of angels. As significant of a milestone this is for Maxwell, it really just signifies the beginning. Most of… Read more »