Author: John Paasonen

4 Ways to Win the War for Originator Talent

originator talent

To fuel growth and market advantage, you need the right people. In many ways this has become one of the key dimensions of competition in the mortgage industry today. The most recent STRATMOR Group data on originator turnover found 30% annual turnover among residential mortgage originators — that means that for every 10 people you… Read more »

Maxwell + LendingQB Reimagine Mortgages Together

A month ago, we launched our beta integration with LendingQB, one of the leading loan origination systems. And today I’m delighted to announce the official roll-out. The LOS is a mission-critical system for most lenders, managing their internal workflows and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulation. LendingQB has a market-leading API that enables partners,… Read more »

Maxwell partners with Equifax and The Work Number

A month ago we announced our partnership with Equifax® to provide Maxwell customers and their borrowers a faster, more seamless experience, beginning with an automated employment and income verification through The Work Number®. Equifax is one of our launch partners for our newly released “Connected Apps” platform built on our API, enabling lenders to customize the… Read more »

The Secret to Winning in the Mortgage Business

Let’s face it: the mortgage industry suffers from a people problem. Mortgage professionals are doing tasks best suited for technology. And technology is being deployed that extricates the professionals from tasks at which they would excel. At most mortgage companies, the average professional will have no less than 10 applications or browser tabs open simultaneously.… Read more »

We Closed Our Seed Round :)

Earlier today, we announced that we’ve closed $1.95M for Maxwell, with a seed round led by MATH Venture Partners with participation from Techstars Ventures, Sovereign’s Capital, Zelkova Ventures, Cantos Ventures and Timberline, along with an elite group of angels. As significant of a milestone this is for Maxwell, it really just signifies the beginning. Most of… Read more »