Author: Chelsea Mize

5 KPIs that Profitable Lending Teams Measure

profitable lending teams

Against the backdrop of a pandemic and economic meltdown, in many ways the lending industry has been a bright spot during a year of unprecedented downturns. Low interest rates have led to a flurry of refinances, and new home sales are expected to reach 777,000, a 14% gain over 2019. Impressively, experts predict mortgage lending… Read more »

6 Focus Areas for Better Borrower Satisfaction

better borrower satisfaction

The mortgage industry has been historically behind the ball when it comes to both meeting customer expectations and embracing rapid change, particularly when it comes to technology. As borrower needs evolve, what can mortgage lenders focus on to ensure they are investing in borrower satisfaction as the mortgage origination process rapidly changes in the wake… Read more »

The Land of Unequal Opportunity (Pt. 2): How Government Policy Segregated American Neighborhoods

housing segregation

In part 1, we looked at the history of redlining and how that propagated discrimination in the housing industry that persists to this day, with African-Americans disproportionately kept out of the housing market. We also discussed the housing and mortgage industry’s culpability in contributing to racial discrimination in housing. But it’s important to recognize that… Read more »

The Land of Unequal Opportunity (Pt. 1): A History of Redlining & Its Lasting Impact on Black Homeownership

In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell examines how change happens incrementally, leading towards a ‘tipping point’ where all those little changes cascade into one big movement of change. Gladwell writes about the “biography of an idea”, how it takes root and becomes a movement. According to Gladwell, transformation occurs when a particular idea… Read more »

Anti-Racism Resources for a Crash Course on White Privilege

anti-racism resources

The needless of killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis back in May had a cataclysmic effect in America that has reverberated around the world, with protests occurring every state in the U.S. and 18 countries across the globe, making this the largest global civil rights protest in history. George Floyd’s death was… Read more »